Poor posture and alignment is a leading cause of many musculoskeletal conditions. The chiropractic department at Running Iron plays a leading role in addressing these issues. 


Our chiropractors utilize a variety of chiropractic and manual therapy techniques to improve posture and restore proper motion, flexibility, and alignment of the joints of the body. 

We use a combination of traditional chiropractic adjustments along with more advanced approaches, including flexion distraction and Active Release Technique. 

The goal of chiropractic treatment

RELEASE joint and muscle restrictions

REALIGN joints to their proper position

RETRAIN the brain to stabilize the joints in their proper position

In our experience, this forward-thinking approach yields the fastest recovery possible for our patients and athletes.

The ultimate goal of our chiropractic department is to provide the most cutting-edge techniques to help you achieve better joint alignment, mobility, stability and posture so you can experience the active, pain-free lifestyle you deserve for the rest of your life.

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