Movement Rehabilitation

Most musculoskeletal conditions and athletic injuries are due to poor posture and movement habits. Moving with “bad form” develops from compensation for pain, previous injuries, and even poor coaching. Many people are moving their bodies incorrectly, damaging their joints, and are not even aware of it. If you are an athlete, this is the reason for most recurring sports injuries.

Advanced Approach

The doctors and trainers at Running Iron have a unique way of assessing movement that will immediately identify the movement faults that are contributing to your condition.  

Rehabilitation starts with exercises to correct your most significant movement dysfunction, whether it is abnormal breathing, weak core activation, lack of flexibility or poor joint stabilization. 

Reintroducing foundational movements to your body is the first step to successful rehabilitation. Our goal is to teach you fundamental movements you body is missing followed by building strength on a better movement platform.  


The goal of movement rehabilitation

Teach your body to move the way it is naturally designed to move

Perform exercises that promote good posture, alignment and joint stability

Retrain your brain so fundamental, less damaging movements become automatic

In essence, our rehabilitation approach is to retrain your brain to move in a way that is less stressful on your musculoskeletal system so your body is more resilient and can withstand your desired activity and sport without injury.

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